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Regular maintenance is important to prolonging the life of your vehicle. Conventional oil changes should be done every 3,000 miles, at that time, the vehicle should be inspected for fluid leaks and worn parts. This service is what you can expect every time your car or truck is brought in.

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      Oil Change
Conventional oil: every 3,000 miles
Synthetic oil: every 5,000-7,000 miles
Diesel oil: every 5,000 miles
Diesel sythetic oil: every 10,000 miles





Every vehicle has a set time and mileage to have certain parts replaced, such as timing belts, tune up parts and filters. These are called "K" services. If your car has 60,000 miles, it is due for a "60K" service. Every make and model is different in their own way. No matter how many miles your car has, we can service it as recommended by the manufacturer.

      Tires & Alignment


Another part of maintaining your vehicle that is often overlooked, is tire wear and making sure the wheels are pointing in the right direction.   Our shop can replace most tires and have an alignment done afterwards to make sure you get maximum life out of your tires.

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